20 ways whilst holidaying at The Old Rectory that you can help reduce energy wastage and preserve the environment

Please read our 20 ways that you can be a responsible traveller if you decide to visit The Old Rectory.

  1. By turning heating down and closing all windows when you go out.
  2. By turning the thermostat down when not needed.
  3. By turning off appliances when they are not in use – like when you're mobile or laptop have finished charging.
  4. By only using the washing machine with a full wash load and washing your clothes on a cooler setting.
  5. By using the eco-friendly washing powder we provide when washing your clothes.
  6. By using eco friendly cleaning products if you want to do any cleaning of surfaces etc while you are staying here – you should find a selection of these in the cottage but do let us know if you are running out
  7. By stacking your dishwasher up during the day and only running it when full. We provide you with environmentally friendly dishwasher liquid.
  8. By shutting windows when heating is on and drawing the curtains at night.
  9. By not leaving taps running and by conserving water where ever possible.
  10. By recycling as much of your waste as possible – please place all your glass, paper, plastic etc in the bins provided or drop off at recycling banks when you are out and about.
  11. By switching off lights not in use.
  12. By switching the television off, rather than leaving it on standby.
  13. By shopping & eating locally and eating locally grown and produced food. We are fortunate to have some fantastic producers of food, drink and arts & crafts.
  14. Use the bags we provide in your cottage, rather than shop provided bags, for your purchases.
  15. Tell us if you can think of ways we can make The Old Rectory more environmentally friendly.
  16. Why not take a picnic and enjoy watching the wildlife by our pond?
  17. Local Walks – we have provided a folder of walks in each cottage that offers a range of walks of different lengths and all starting at or near The Old Rectory avoiding a long car journey.
  18. By leaving the car in Bungay and using the bus to travel to Norwich.
  19. By visiting lots of the wonderful attractions here on our doorstep and avoiding too many long car trips to more distant attractions.
  20. Observe the Countryside Code.
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